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What is Blog?

A blogging is basically a creative action of your mind expression having full of fun and mentally charging form of your mind expression, a blog means taking a unique thought of your mind and unique writing style with the extractive fun and mashing both in the form of writing expressions.

Blog basically, thought about the fun, exciting, emotion, mind calculation, relaxation, etc. whatever you have decided.

A Definition is given as per

“A website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites.”

Let us discuss about important Plugins for Blogging

There were so many plugin available for your blog contain but we will see a basic or common plugins and required plugins for any kind of blogs.

Let us discuss one by one and its importance.

1. Jetpack Plugin

Why Jetpack Plugin is importance for blog? Basically this plugin shows you about how many visitors, visits your website on daily, monthly or yearly basis.

This plugin will increases your website performance and connect you website with wordpress which you can directly control with your mobile through application of wordpress.

Another plugin features is quit excellent, which provides you Likes, Share button on every post, page which you have post and normally, you can also connect with social media with this plugin, so what happen, if you post anything in your Blog this plugin helps you to post atomically that post in social media and helps to gain traffic.


2. Elementor

Elementor is another powerfull plugins that every blog needs. So basically elementor helps you to design you page as per your or visitor view.

In this Plugin you can find so many options of designing of Blog page and attract your visitor and show them in attractive manner.


3. W3 Total caches

This plugin helps you to increase your website performance and user experience included like minimize of CSS, JS, HTML, Disable Emoji’s and many more.

So many related options available in this plugin and will increase your website performance with fast loading and surely your blog will attract users in a right way.

W3 Caches

4. Smush

Here, this plugin helps you to decrease your image size but can’t effect on image quality, why decrease of image is compulsory? So due to reduction of image helps you the loading of image faster on your website and enhance your Blog quality and quantity.


5. WP Form

For any contact purpose from user you need a form and any other form you want to design,

So WP Form helps you to design your custom form and publish in your blog. You can design form as usually as per your needs and user preference.



If you have design a form and publish in website, so user can fill out all relevant information you have provided and he/she will submit but all information cannot transfer to you which provided by user, because you doesn’t integrated any mail server, so basically WP SMTP helps you to integrated a mail server in your website and information will travel.


7. Smart Slider

This smart slider gives a many slides options and editing of sliders, so you can easily update your slide from smart slider for your page, smart slider helps, to make a slides for Desktop, Mobile and tablet and other devices.

In the smart slider you can easily choice your size you want to make a perfect slide for your blog.


So, this all Plugin important for any Blogging website and surely enhance your blog by activating this performance.

If you have any doubt regarding with any plugin or any information just comment below, we will try to help you.

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