Internet history – How internet works and history of internet

Today Internet is communicated with the world and largest travel of information across the world, all people as well as business is totally depended on internet, even in some of the country internet is consider as basic need, today a world growing faster and faster in the field of science and technology, So this is interesting to know about internet history how’s started and when the internet came into existence.

History of Internet
History of Internet

How’s internet started

During the decade 1960s, the war against in between America and Russia where as Russia is ready with atomic weapon and on the other hand America is consider, if there is war happen with Russia and dropped atomic weapon then almost we lost the overall communication between defense community as well as our president, So due to this, America researcher finding a new technique to communicated with all member, So developers found that if we make stable communicate with underground wire then even Russia dropped atomic weapon it can’t break our communicating network and this the point where Internet came into existence.

So American government hire ARPA (Advance Research Project Agency) where as American government and ARPA start working to build Communicating network in overall America region, After a some year American Government and ARPA is successfully build Communicating network and connected to all systems with underground wire. Here, ARPA were called as ARPONET but this is only used by the government and defense force.

Internet history was begain
Internet history was begain

In later, 1990 the war against Russia was decline and this unbelievable inventions came into existence and American government makes for public use for totally free. As part the name was change from ARPONET to INTERNET.

Now, the word being going to connect other and travel of information going to reduce, this is the biggest achievement to the world.

During the year 1990, the is nothing made like a website or domain, if you want any information from this server then you need to remember the storage address, if you can’t remember then you can’t find the right path to get information. So, there was a biggest problem arises and many of the world scientist is finding the solution.

During the year 1991, a scientist name Tim Burner lee got the solution when he was find out WWW (World wide web) and all domain were register with www and person that create his website, made easy to reach information across the world after some time Yahoo find out more easy way to reach information when yahoo finds Yahoo search engine, So after some year many countries was motivated and Speed a boost taken place and many website was made, A new trends came after the Google came into existence.

Speed of Internet

Normally the internet work with the help of submarine cable and the speed of internet was equal to the speed of a light, If I say the speed of light is 1 second = Approx. 297,000 Km.

Internet is free then why we pay charges for internet

Internet is developed by the American public sector agency with the help of American government and due to public sector the American government has announced it is free for all, so the question is still why we pay money for internet.

Submarine cable
Submarine cable

Internet is free but, the company who involve in the development of internet like making the expenses of submarine cable and maintains of server even giving the services to its customer, so the company making the relevant charges and if you are using the services of particular company you have to pay for those services.

Where the all data store?

Well, the data cannot store in particular region, the number of data center were made across the globe, if you are using any services or creating website then your data storage is depend on relevant company data centers.

How much the data stores from now?

Well, this question’s answer is difficult to say because even the biggest company don’t know how much the data were stored across the globe.

Data center across the globe
Data center across the globe

According to Google at every minute near about 500,000 plus website creating in his server.

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