What is web Hosting, C Panel and Domain?

What is hosting?

A web hosting services were founded in 1991 when was first website were published. A web hosting services is non-other than Internet services which provides you to create a website and publish over internet. A web host provides internet server to store your files, Data or publish worldwide. Simply, web host will provides you an internet servers that you create websites or store your data over internet and travel your information worldwide via internet. The web hosting also called as web servers.

How the Hosting work
How the Hosting work

Types of Hosting

Share hosting

A number of website were publish on same severs which typically uses the same servers at a time and commonly used like CPU, RAM by numbers of websites holders. This hosting were based on sharing purpose.

Reseller web Hosting

Reseller hosting provides to became a seller of hosting themselves to create a hosting website even reseller hosting having the dedicated serves to contributed the customer in share hosting.

Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) or (VPS)

Virtual dedicated server also known as Virtual Private Servers, where the user has responsible to manage the private networks or VPS provider may maintain the servers, has the root access to their own virtual space. Virtual Private servers divides the servers resource into virtual servers, where resource to be allocated in a way that does not direct reflected in the underlying hardware.

Dedicated Hosting Services

Here, dedicated server’s means, this have a separate hosting for the users which allowed the full root access over servers. This means the client has to maintain the servers and he is responsible for maintaining and security of his servers.

Managed hosting services

In this servers the user get the separate dedicated server but the user haven’t full control over servers, the hosting allow to manage their data over FTP (File transfer protocol) or other remote management tools. Typically, the user does not have their own servers.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting servers which allows the users, a customer powerful, reliable and scalable hosting based on clustered load-balanced servers utility and billing.

Local power disruptions or even when the natural disasters are less problematic for sites who hosted in cloud hosting as cloud hosting is decentralize.

Types of web hosting
Types of web hosting

What is Domain?

In general term domain is a name of your website which you have hosted. Many servers business were provides a domain services which you can easily access of your created website over internet worldwide. Domains are unique name which you were choose for your website which identify your website unique via internet in the world.

What is C Panel (Control Panel)

Control panel or C panel provides by the serves business where you can manages your data like FTP, Security, Malware, bandwidth, Domains, Subdomains and many other panels. It is one types system that helps you to maintain your data of servers in simplest way. User can access the root panel of data hosted servers and manage services online.

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