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As now, if you are running a website, so creating of a contact form is most important as usually the visitors or a person can contact you directly by way to fill contact form on the website, so learn to create a contact form in easy way.

So, this is interesting, how you can create a contact form in easy way? There are some steps you would know and you can create an attractive contact form or usually you want to create any other form for a website, this is totally based on drag and drop facility you don’t need to enter in coding language.

Read these full articles that will explain in a simple way in probably steps.

WP Section in wordpress
WP Section in wordpress

WP form Plugin

Here, before you create your form you need to install the WP form Plugin from the WordPress > Plugin > Add new simple search WP form, now successfully search just install that particular plugin and Activate. So now after activating, you will see the WP form section under the WordPress dashboard.

Install WP Form Plugin

Introduction of WP Form

After successfully installed and activated of WP Form, came under the dashboard of the WP form Plugin and you will see the number of forms to be created like Blank form, simple form, simple contact form, newsletters, etc.

WP Form dashboard
WP Form dashboard

So, if you are creating a contact form then you should choose the simple contact form or if you are creating the other format form then suggested to choose another rest of the forms.

Customization of WP Form

Here, we are creating the contact form for the user and can easily contact with us, so just click on Simple contact form to create and after successfully clicked you will see some contact form have already been created and on the left hand side you will see the some option of tools that you will drag and drop under the form and edit the particular element.

The number of tools was given in the WP form plugin, but all these were inactive because for all activating of plugin’s tools require a pro version of WP form.

Customization of WP Form
Customization of WP Form

By using the number of tools available for creating you can easily create a contact as require and if you were seeing, the edit option is given for each particular field. You can edit each section given in field, delete fields, edit button for sender after sending respond, set feedback for users, etc.

How to receive emails

This is important, if user wants to contact with us, we have to respond so before, if a user sends an email by filling contact form, must the website owner should receive the particular emails, so for this purpose you need to set the website setting with Mail server.

Automatic emails send
Automatic emails send

Read this article, how you can activate the mail server in your website?


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