Elementor a page builder – Basic information about elemetor

Some of people know the how we use elementor a page builder and how’s the powerful, that can create a beautiful design of page using elementor, so this is interesting to know some important basic information about elementor, So, read this full article to know.

History of elementor

Basically, elementor is founded in 2016 by Yoni Luksenberg, it is an Israeli software company, providing web development services, by drag and drop facility into website, even designing of pages edit website integrated with wordpress and as per per Elementor Ltd, in April 2020 elementor available over 50 languages and 5 million active users worldwide, elementor is 6th most popular plugin in wordpress.

Elementor Page builder

Elementor a page builder

Elementor is used for the page building and mostly design of website page to attract users.

Elementor is easy to use to build your page even if you are a beginner in this field then also can you easy to design you page by using elementor page builder and you didn’t need to have the knowledge of coding like HTML, CSS, java language, Java script, etc.

How you can get Elementor?

Well, for Installation of elementor there is two way, if you are using wordpress software then it is easy to install.

Step 1

If you are using wordpress soft then you need to go the plugin section and simply click on Add New the plugin store will open and search “Elementor” and just click to install after successfully installed then simply activate the plugin, then you can use elementor for post design and page building.

Elementor Plugin
Elementor Plugin

Step 2

Another step is, if you are using wordpress and want to install elementor externally then you need to go the elementor website or WordPress website and simply download plugin, the plugin is in the format of Zip file, come back to wordpress dashboard and click on plugin > Add New you will see upload plugin just upload the zip file of plugin you were downloaded before and install then activate now you can use the elementor plugin.

Download elementor
Download elementor
Elementor internal install
Elementor internal install

How you can use elementor?

So, if you open elementor there will you see the number of Addon option which facilities to drag and drop on section option or some property will open to design and adjust you may like.

By default some addon option will give in elementor plugin when you install, if you want most addon option then you need to install more related elementor plugin from the store.

Elementor have the option to create your own header as well as the footer you want Menu, Nav Menu, Mega Menu, useful for online shopping, design with attractive user experience.

If you have any doubts related with plugin comment below, we will try to solve your issue,

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