How to save or convert any file into PDF Form

You can save or convert any file into PDF form into 3 simple steps,

There involved a simple steps to Save or Convert any file into PDF form, elsewhere a file you can convert like JPG Image, PNG Image, Any Browser File, Notepad text or other file.

How to save a file just follow:

I am using a browser to save a file into PDF format, So, I Just open my Browser and search a file I want, you can search you want to save a file into your device in simple 3 Step steps as we shown into Image below.

Step 1

Open your Browser on computer or mobile device and search a file you need to save as PDF format apart after a successful searching of file, you need to click on 3 vertical dot situated in the right corner upper side of browser or for mobile too.

Step 2

Go to the share button under a Mobile device and if you are using PC or Laptop then there given as print option and click, there will be shown as print option, click on Print options.

Step 3

After chosen of print option you will see there will given as save this file into PDF format and click to save into your device and choose path into device to save. You can use this method for many devices even tablet, Mobile, Computer or other which is connected or supported the Internet.

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Watch video below how to save any file into PDF Format

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