Save Snack Video – in your device without watermark

This is interesting to know you can save Snack video in your devices, without any watermark of snack application, if you want to save snack video in your device the follow this simple step and read this article.

You can save snack video without any watermart and for this perpose you don’t need to download any application, you need two application to download for save your video in device.

Just download old version of snack video application and another is your file manager which is included, if you want another file manager then download Es File Explorer.

Follow the simple step to complete save of snack video

Step 1

Download old version of snack video application and install in your device then you need to open and just watch full video you were like to watch.

Step 2

Here, if you install Es File Explorer and go to the Setting > Display, Activate Show hidden file and then come back front page and now choose Internal storage or phone memory, even search the folder Kwai-video-bulldog or in some devices the folder is given in Android > Data and click on that particular folder and you will see numbers of folders.

Step 3

Under particular folder you will see .awesome_cache > cache_v2 > media you will number of unwanted file so just rename the file and erase .v2.5.acc and just save, you will now click and watch video you have watched before in application, even when you able to see video, you cannot be find the watermark on video and enjoy.

Snack Video watch fee

So, in very simple method, you see how to save your snack video in you device, if you like this article then share our articles if needed.

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